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You want Options??

Options are the very thing required to help reduce your emissions to atmosphere. We have a host of cooled and uncooled cameras, hand held and continuous monitoring devices. Not to mention quantification and reporting software.

Let's face it, every site, every application and every environment is different, as is the budget available to help us to reduce emissions to atmosphere. Our EyeCGas Mini offers uncooled, hand held value for money monitoring for Methane and at reduced distances. The EyeCGas 2.0 allows cooled OGI monitoring of the smallest leaks along with greater distance hand held detection.

The range of EyeCGas 24/7 detectors will offer cooled and uncooled OGI technology to continuously monitor your site for leaks of methane and VOC's. From the smallest leak to large leaks with alerts and quantification values, the EyeCGas family meets your requirements, expectations and, very importantly, your budget.

To put the "icing on the cake" we have software available that will continuously monitor, record, quantify and report all findings on site. The EyeCSite is the ground breaking algorithm that has changed the game for emissions monitoring and reporting. Want to see more? Contact us at and we will happily show you how we can partner you to become closer to Net Zero.

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