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LDAR on your Biogas Plant Permit?

Does your permit to operate tell you that you require LDAR before the permit is awarded? Don't know what LDAR is, don't know who to speak to? don't worry we have you covered. We have been performing LDAR operations for over 10 years. We offer a full service of LDAR inspections, protocols and reports. We know exactly what the permits say and, more importantly, we know how to satisfy the requirements.

Most important is choosing the right equipment to perform Leak Detection, from there we can do quantification works to satisfy the requirements of the permit AND the new legislation that will be the required directive, which is imminent.

Once we find the leak, quantify it then the most important thing is recording the information. There is also new directives governing the way we record and keep the information, that we can also advise you on. Then we look at the threshold that will require you to take action or to report your leaks to the relevant agencies, this is, again, something we can help with.

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