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There is so much misinformation and products that are not the right quality to detect the leaks you need to find. Environmental factors, distance, light conditions, wind direction, product placement, operator training, promise of a new "unique innovation", we have heard it all. Simply call us and we will show you what can be done, we have been doing it for years!

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Net Zero and reduction of Methane Leaks is the simple message. If you don't know it leaks then you can't report it, right? WRONG. The sooner you become aware the sooner we can fight fugitive emissions. Our simple software integration will give you a quantification value and we can move to reduce, or remove, leaks completely.

no limits to detection

our cooled cameras have a library of over 400 volatile organic gases (VOC) that we can detect. No recalibration, expensive attachments simply point at the area of concern and the gas will be detected! Our plan is to be simple, effective and efficient.

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LDAR Protocols

The best way to reduce your emissions is to employ an expert. From over a decade of inspecting, identifying, quantifying and reporting leaks all over the Globe, we have the experience.

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