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Optical Gas Imaging

We supply all the products, accessories and manpower to allow you to run and operate towards your Net Zero goals. Optical Gas Imaging products are proven to detect the smallest leaks of methane and hydrocarbons. Utilising portable hand held cameras, continuous emissions monitoring cameras, installed on site, and with integrated software for quantification, nobody else has the capability to provide the "all round package" that we have. Optical Gas Imaging works on the principle of absorption of the electro magnetic wave (energy) of the gas being absorbed into any background. With this principle (basic explanation) we don't have to rely on external parameters such as temperature, back ground reflectivity (emissivity), environmental factors and daylight. 

There are several options available for you to monitor your site. we have hand held cameras available in both cooled and uncooled versions. Cooled cameras will detect the smallest leaks, operate at great distances and have a library of over 400 different VOC's available to detect without any reprogramming etc. The uncooled camera is specific to Methane and we compromise the distance and sensitivity of the camera but the main advantage is price. Uncooled cameras are ideal if you have a short distance to the leak, are confident the leak is of a reasonable size and are working to a tight budget. Both cooled and uncooled cameras are maintenance free Our cooled cameras have sealed cryogenic coolers and will operate continuously for over 10,000 hours.

We have a similar set up for our continuous emissions cameras. However we would integrate these into the customer's site and specification.

For all our products there is the software that integrate the cameras to enabled devices. This allows us to quantify all the leaks detected, record all videos, pictures and relevant information. This makes LDAR surveys and any other leak detection data available for submission to end users, record keeping for site integrity and legal requirements for site compliance for regulated compliance.

Optical Gas Imaging has been proven time and again, to be the most reliable leak detection equipment on the market.